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Building companies join forces in new plant

Wayne Bishop with Bruce Mc Ewen


Two heavyweights in the building game have joined forces in the new plant that will take much of the construction process indoors and give more sureity to supply. 

A joint venture between Wayne Bishop Group and Placemakers will see frames and trusses manufactured at a new factory now operating in the trade-based business park at Totora St in Levin. 

There was an offical opening this week fro tradesmen, staff, and the representatives of the companies involved, shared a barbecue and heard more about the long-term vision for the site.

It will have the capacity to service much of the building industry in the lower North Island. Alongside the frame and truss factory would be a massive 7-bay workshop building transportable homes at a rate of one a week, from design to completion. 

That meant the luxury of having a variety of tradesmen under one roof at the one site, from electricians to carpet layers and joiners. There was potential for 150 staff. A show home will be built soon for display. 

Wayne Bishop said the Covid-19 lockdown period showed a need to guarantee supply of material and expand on a smaller frame and truss operation on Cambridge St, with multiple housing projects in the wings. 

"There was a need to sure up supply. We have more than 1000 houses to build" he said. 

Being able to supply other building firms with framing had appeal to wider areas of the building sector, from Kāpiti to New Plymouth.

Other building firms would be able to order frames and truss to order, too. "The breadth of inquiry is phenomenal," he said. 

The Totora St business park had quickly taken shape with several other businesses relocating to the new site already.

Placemakers chief executive Bruce McEwen said they had been supplying large quantities of materials to the Bishop Group for more that 25 years and the joint venture was a progression of that relationship. 

"It's an opportunity to create more capacity for future growth. It is another example of Wayne Bishops vision and we are fortunate to be in a position to form a partnership," he said. 

"As this partnership develops it will provide the opportunity to create what the market needs. It's great to be part of. Its an investment in the future".

Wayne Bishop said the potential was 'massive' and the amount of projects ahead helped negate the effects of any recessionary periods.

"There are a few grey clouds in the economy, but there are good times ahead. We have invested in the future. That not only includes next week and next month but the next 20 years" he said.

"We are almost insulated by the pipeline of work ahead of us".

Photo: Wayne Bishop with Bruce Mc Ewen (Placemakers)