We are on a Horowhenua mission to activate the opportunities we have right here!


Horowhenua is a growing region, in more ways than you would think. Our population is expected to reach over 60k by 2050 with major subdivisions like Tara-Ika introducing new neighbourhoods and communities to our region. The Ōtaki to North of Levin (Ō2NL) Expressway is confirmed and set to be the largest infrastructure project in our district's history. 

This presents an array of opportunities for Horowhenua - both for those already here and for new arrivals. Once completed, the new expressway sees Wellington just an hour's drive from Levin, increasing the district’s integration with the capital and other major centres, moving us to the heart of the lower North Island economy.  

There has never been a better time for business owners to consider relocating to the Horowhenua. 


THCL (The Horowhenua Company Ltd) recently talked to a number of businesses who had either relocated to the Horowhenua or started their business journey here recently.

They were asked a range of questions regarding their decision to operate in the Horowhenua. 

"One of the deciding factors was the location. Close to one of the major motorways when it comes through. This lets us service the upper North Island through to Wellington".

Dave Rooker, Thermosash

A diverse range of sectors were identified and interviewed including:

What were the main reasons business moved to the Horowhenua? 

This snapshot shows that regardless of which sector you operate in, the reasons for starting or relocating your business to the Horowhenua applied to all. Of the businesses interviewed across the sectors, these are the main reasons and were key drivers for choosing the Horowhenua as the region to do business in. 


In May 2020, Thermosash solidified its commitment to Horowhenua with the expansion and purchase of a further 7,500 m2 of land in Enterprise Drive, after building a purpose built facility, this created more jobs, put more money into the community, and created new connections with different industries.


Indoor farming company 26 Seasons has produced 50,000 vertically-farmed strawberry plants this year — all grown in a shed originally used for dyeing carpets. 


The Horowhenua Company caught up with Jamie Stout the owner of the latest Caci clinic in Levin, to hear about her journey from opening a pop-up clinic late last year in 2022 before outfitting an old $2 shop site on the main street of Levin. 


What are some of the key decision factors you need to consider before you make the move to the Horowhenua? Here is a checklist for you. We can help you with information you need to make a sound, and informed decision. 

Strategic Alignment 

  • Will relocating align with your long-term business strategy and goals? 

  • Does it fit into your overall expansion plans, customer reach, and market diversification strategy? 

  • How will relocating contribute to the strategic objectives of your business? 

Land and Buildings 

  • Do you want to build or lease a new facility, or are you looking to move into existing premises? 

  • What are your current size requirements – do you anticipate they will grow over the next 5 years? 

  • Do you have specific land use requirements? 

  • Do you want to be close to other similar businesses or key suppliers? 

  • Do you need onsite parking / storage 

Infrastructure and Resources 

  • Do you have specific land use requirements? 

  • What are your water use requirements? (E.g., wastewater, stormwater, fresh water) 

  • What about other energy sources (electricity, gas)? 

  • What sustainability concepts have you considered? (Solar, wind sourced energy etc.) 


  • Are you looking for a local workforce?  

  • Does your existing workforce require ongoing training and development? 

  • How many jobs do you expect to establish? 

  • What skills and experience do you need? 

  • What is your employer brand like? 

  • If you are bringing staff with you, where will they live? 

  • What kind of services will they expect – schools, healthcare, sporting activities etc? 

Competitive Landscape

  • Have you Identified existing competitors? 

  • Are there barriers to enter the local market? 

  • Do you have unique advantages you would bring to the Horowhenua. 

  • What is your competitive edge, or do you have access to new opportunities? 

Business Ecosystem and Networks 

  • Is a local presence of industry clusters, or business networks important? 

  • What research institutions, and collaborative opportunities are you looking for? 

  • Is access to a supportive business ecosystem that can foster innovation, collaboration, and growth a key consideration for you? 


  • How will your customers get to you? 

  • How will your staff get to work? 

  • Do you need road transportation services to get product to market? 

  • Is proximity to rail, ports, and airports important to you? 

Access to Supply Chains and Distribution Networks

  • Will there be improved proximity to existing suppliers or raw materials. 

  • Will you gain improved access to new/key suppliers or better connectivity to distribution channels, which can enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. 

Risk Assessment & Regulatory Requirements 

  • How important is a location that is relatively low risk of natural disaster or climate events

  • Do you know what consents and licences you need to operate?  


The Horowhenua is fast becoming the ideal location for many businesses, with new business growth hitting 6.1% in the 2022 year, outstripping overall business growth in NZ at 4.8% for the same period. 

If you are considering Horowhenua as a potential location for your business, THCL are here to provide guidance, information, and support to assist you through this process.  

Contact Hendrix Warren our Business Growth Manager on 027 3089297 to discuss your goals and find out more about how we can help, or email Hendrix@thcl.nz 



In 2019, Horowhenua Developments Ltd purchased 14 hectares of vacant industrial land off Tararua Road (now named Enterprise Drive) in Levin, from the Horowhenua District Council. 

From 2020 – 2021 this property was consented, subdivided, and infrastructure installed. 

With all lots sold, and development underway across a number of sites –  both new businesses to Horowhenua and local businesses looking to expand. Themosash is now completed and operating, and subsequently purchased the land next door to expand.