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TSP Construction Ltd - Case Study

THCL spoke with Todd Strode-Penny, director of TSP Construction whose company manufactures architecturally designed, transportable homes under their Greenhaven Homes brand in their purpose-built facility on Hokio Beach Road, Levin. 

This state-of-the-art factory, established in 2022 on the former site of General Metal Recyclers is built to global standards on a picturesque 3-acre property adjacent to the Levin Racecourse.

Todd and his wife Natalie established Greenhaven Homes seven years ago. Working with architect Gary Philips, owner of Novare Architecture, Todd recognised the appeal of Gary’s eco-friendly modular concept. This innovative design combined a contemporary look with energy efficiency and sustainability, marking the start of Greenhaven Homes. 

Their range of transportable homes now includes Revolution Homes and Lifestyle Homes, allowing the team to cater to first-time buyers, investors, extended family living, second homes and those seeking their dream forever home. Todd notes how Greenhaven Homes’ range of smaller homes has appeal as secondary dwellings where people are setting up homes on their sites for their extended families, or older parents. This ‘shared living’ concept is one that Todd has believed in for some time and is excited to see the market starting to think in the same way.

Using premium locally sourced building materials and suppliers, the company prides itself on delivering unmatched care to every client, ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience from initial consultation to final delivery. 

Greenhaven is a pioneer in the transportable home industry, and its reputation for quality and customer satisfaction remains unsurpassed.

 “My sustainability footprint is important to me, I reuse and recycle what I can.”

The factory offers a safe working environment for the team, and being undercover they don’t get held up due to poor weather conditions. They minimise waste and maximise efficiency given that there is no need to drive between multiple building sites. 

First purpose-built Show Home in Paraparaumu by Greenhaven Homes

“What we offer is certainty – the build price we offer stays the same throughout the build and that is assuring for our customers”. 

In the broader market, buyers' uncertainty around final build costs is a big concern. On-site house builds can sometimes exceed budget by over 20% – liquefaction tests, increased costs for materials, and labour rates can change too.  Timber products have increased 30% and on-site builds can increase with cladding and glass. 

“We can control the environment so we can control the cost.”

The Greenhaven Homes range of top-quality homes is built to a fixed price and to an agreed building timeline offering financial certainty and peace of mind.

Todd, Natalie and their team are hands-on throughout every house build and handle the entire process for their clients from start to finish. They ensure all the necessary approvals, including piles and consents, are signed off by the Council while the house is being built. This allows for a quicker, more efficient, process with clients only needing one point of contact.

“We are a true local business, it’s an exciting business but it is a tough industry. We employ locals and have 26 staff, with six of them being apprentices.”

Greenhaven Homes is committed to supporting the local community. 

Todd and Natalie believe in nurturing local talent, regularly taking on gateway students from Waiopehu College, and supporting the 2024 Futures Day. The annual Futures Day delivered in partnership with THCL allows Year 10 students to experience the workplace and real-world environments to provide a better understanding of the pathways to successful careers.

“There is immense satisfaction in completing a home and seeing it being moved to a site in the middle of the night.  I love to see my team achieving and apprenticeships mean that my team can build their own homes one day”. 

One team member is Joy Tufuga, who began her apprenticeship at Greenhaven and now leads her own team. 

Joy who began her studies in early 2018 at the UCOL’s campus in Horowhenua, completing her New Zealand Certificate in Construction Trade Skills studies, was born and raised in the Samoan village of Salelologa Savai'i. Her dream is to help and provide for her family and to be a good example for her younger siblings. 

Todd and Natalie’s investment in their staff is evident in their support for professional growth and development, ensuring a skilled and motivated workforce.  

“This is a safe place for the team to work in. I am big on culture and I have had my team here for a long time. We only employ the best.”

 “Greenhaven Homes isn’t a franchise and won’t ever be due to my pride in the homes we build. I love seeing houses being built here. I have a passion for this business, and our clients often become our friends.

 TSP Construction and Greenhaven Homes Show Homes are located at 74 Hokio Beach Road, Levin in Horowhenua

TSP Construction/Greenhaven Homes recently hosted over 100 business leaders and guests to listen to the Hon. Minister Chris Bishop. 

Photo: L to R : Brendan Duffy, Tim Costley Ōtaki MP,  Hon Minister Chris Bishop and Todd Strode-Penny